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Maull Biomedical Training 
Contrast Injector Service Training is all we do.
We provide service training on contrast injectors manufactured by Bayer/Medrad®, Liebel-Flarsheim™ and Covidien. The training for each model comes with:
  • A professional BMET Instructor (not just a BMET) 
  • Custom written, step by step manuals
  • PM/Cal checksheets to coincide with the manuals
  • Lists (and source) of common PM parts
  • Lists (and source) of tools and test equipment needed
  • Free Tech Support from Maull Biomedical and Injector Support & Service
iCIST: Custom Made Injector Service Software
A software program developed to simplify the PM process and gives you the ability to provide an extensive PM Report (including pressure graphs) with the end user.
Get trained by a Professional BMET Instructor
Steve Maull is not just some field service engineer showing you the ropes. He was a military BMET for 7 years before he became a BMET Instructor and Curriculum Developer in 1997 while in the Air Force and has been teaching BMETs ever since. He can provide high quality contrast injector service training that will allow you to perform your own operational inspections, preventive maintenance, calibrations, calibration verifications and repairs.

Models available for training:
   • Mark V Plus/ProVis®
   • Spectris Solaris®
   • Envision CT™
   • Stellant®
   • Angiomat™ Illumena™
   • CT 9000™ ADV
   • OptiVantage™ DH

Upcoming Training Dates
   •  Week of February 1st, 2016 (Aurora, OH)
   •  Week of March 7th, 2016 (Aurora, OH)

Tech Support and Supplies!
Students attending our training courses receive FREE tech support. For all your injector supplies and technical support needs, contact Ryan Clarke at
Injector Support & Service.

Some Student Testimonials:

"Class is very hands-on and the training manuals and procedures are high quality. I highly recommend it."

Matt S.


"I enjoyed your classes immensely. It has built my confidence and understanding greatly. I have no qualms undertaking any repair or calibration."

Don G.


"Everyone enjoyed the class, the materials were well constructed and the training systems worked great.  That’s hard to pull off!"

Russell L.


"Excellent class, I will highly recommend it to my colleagues. It was a pleasure you being my instructor."

Robert L.


"I really enjoyed the class, I had lots of fun. The hands on/lab work you had us do was awesome. Thanks for all your great feedback and professional training we received from you at Maull Biomedical."

Jorge A.


"Very good class and well worth the long drive.  Too many times, service training classes have so much BS mixed in that many times you could cut the class in half and get the same thing accomplished. You’re doing it right – don’t change."

Jim V.


"I think it was a great class. We all had time to look at the systems and operations in a controlled environment. I think your class is a great opportunity for a biomed or Imaging tech thinking about taking these things on. I will highly recommend your class."

Paul B.


"Thank you for the great class. I would highly recommend it. I appreciate the knowledge and the lunches. Rod and I got our first call on a Provis today. No sweat."

Richard M.


"I look forward to taking more of your classes. They are intelligent, easy to apply and help me do the job the smart way. I cannot think of any higher praise than that."

Paul R.


"Your class was awesome! I will recommend the class to everyone. Thank you."

Mark P.


"Great Course, will definitely recommend to my colleagues!!!"

Jim L.


"Thanks for the great training. It was clear, simple and to the point."

Bill D.


Thanks Steve – well done class. We give you an A.

Mark B.

Disclaimer:  Maull Biomedical Training, LLC is neither affiliated with, sponsored nor endorsed by, any third party manufacturer.  Reference to third-party products or services on this website, including the products of Medrad, Inc., Bayer Healthcare, LLC, Covidien or Liebel-Flarsheim, is for informational purposes only and does not imply the endorsement, affiliation or recommendation of such third parties.